Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Forget dustep, dance punk is truly taking over. Many, many attempts have been made over the past decade, and many being immensely successful, with the likes of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Goldfrappe and Daft Punk. But few have incorporated the spark and the pure energy up-and-coming newish band Sleigh Bells have hurled on us.
Plonk them in Nottinghams cosy Rescue Rooms, add a hot-blooded, raucous crowd and a bit of Jagermeister and bingo! You have created one of the best gigs you will ever attend in your life.
She, Alexis Krauss, is a performer, an entertainer, and a screamer, apparently (Alexis screamed a verse or two of their song instead of singing- very, very interesting). Not to mention Derek Miller who has on hell of a beautiful guitar and certainly knows how to play it. They complement each other tremendously, their chemistry truly lighting up the stage. I sincerely look forward to hearing their future in the industry. Let’s just hope they stay constant.
With their entire set consisting of angry crowd pleasers such as Infinity Guitar and Crown on the Ground, it is difficult not to become utterly infatuated with the two-some from New-York, even a long, long time after theyve vacated the stage. Getting stuck in, Alexis, the lead singer of the band, frequently interacts with the crowd; her holding my hand and (I am embarrassingly proud of this) singing two lines of Rachel into my eyes was an fabulous experience to say the least, leaving me with nothing left but pure adrenaline and the bitter regret that I didnt take a photo.
So, if you like a good, cheap, night out, complete with utter TURN-IT-UP, DANCE-TO-ME music then Sleigh Bells definitely are the ones to look out for. Even if you dont like that kind of music. Trust me.

Rating: 9.75/10 (they didnt come back for an encore, boo.)
If you like: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, early Goldfrappe, 'Hollaback Girl' by Gwen Stefani, M.I.A., anything with a beat really, youll like this.
Ones to look out for: (if not all)          1. Tell Em: 
                                                            2. Riot Rhythm:
                                                            3. Infinity Guitars:
                                                            4. Crown on the Ground:
                                                            5. A/B Machines:

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