Monday, 14 March 2011

Sorry, its been a while, have had a crazy few weeks.
Everyone keeps harping on about V Festival at the minute and (sorry to be indie) but it’s a commercial load of crap. They must have paid Arctic Monkeys shitloads to let them lower themselves to that. Saying that, I wouldn’t turn down a free ticket. I think the reason im so anal about V Fest is that im such a Leeds festival girl through and through. Crazy excited about the release of the line up on  the 21st of march- ive already bought my ticket anyway, which I do not find risky at all, I have trust in Melvin Benn.
So obviously they are rumours, rumours which make me very very happy if the strokes new single is anything to go by (see video at bottom). Their new album ‘Angles’ is out on the 22/03/11 and their first single ‘Undercover of Darkness’ sounds just like their old toe-tapping, melody-humming, sang-down-a-pipe stuff. Its honestly brilliant and I sooooooooo hope they headline, ‘Angles’ will surely be the album of 2011. Theres also a couple of leaked tracks which ive included for your listening pleasure.
Other pretty solid rumours (found at

  1. Two Door Cinema Club (pretty much certain)
  2. Crystal Castles
  3. The Streets
  4. Muse
  5. My Chemical Romance (?)
  6. The Strokes (!!!)
i am pretty happy with this so far :)
Anyway, in other non-Leeds related news, I'd like to share this song with you by the bullets, just because its genius :)

The Strokes new single- Undercover of Darkness:

The Strokes (leaked)- Taken For a Fool

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