Wednesday, 12 January 2011

starting from zero got nothing to loose

I apologise in advance for all grammar/spelling mistakes I am guaranteed to make. Pretty sure you'll figure it out but I'm a raging dyslexic, not just a crap speller :)
So before I get into it, should probably give you a little insight into who I actually am
1. im amelia
2. im 17
3. i am in love with music in every aspect
4. a-levels make me want to die
5. i live in nottingham (and havent been shot)
so yeah, im really into music and music journalism is something i reeeeeally wanna get into. I attend gigs pretty regularly so i had the bright (and totally oringal) idea of starting a blog to publiscise what i think and hope that people will actually care :)
Helpfully, there are no gigs lined up for me for a while. Its like slap bang in the middle of exam season so hello house-arrest. I just had two exams today (psychology and media) and am internally crying at the thought of doing anymore revision, so thought i'd start this baby up.

sooo anyway...
if your looking for what kind of things im interested in, heres a couple of fabulolololous band i like
The libertines
The clash
The smiths
Kate nash
We are scientists
Best coast
The runaways
White stripes
Amy winehouse
Blink 182
The cribs
The streets
Black keys
Chase and status


Next couple of gigs im hoping to attend, should my finacial situation allow it are the NME tour (the vaccines, crystal castles, magnetic man, everything everything), Sleighbells and Kate nash (which i am utterly surprised she is doing)
anyway, far too long, lets stop now. XXXXXX