Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Nottingham Man Homeless after Local Council Denies Accommodation – Shelter say: “Move into a Hostel”

By Amelia Yarde Ellis

JORDAN Crich, 20, of Broxtowe Road in Aspley, Nottingham was yesterday denied accommodation from Nottinghamshire County Council due to being a student.

Jordan Crich says he is "at a loss".
After his parents unexpectedly emigrated last week, the University of West England, Film student was asked to rely on free accommodation from friends after the council told him he was not eligible for emergency housing, leaving him homeless.

“I came back from my first year of university in May to a ‘sold’ sign outside my house. I was told to find somewhere to live, and went to the council for help. They told me because I am a student and receive a student loan they do not need to help me and sent me away.”

During the holidays student tenancies end around June, whereupon they are expected to spend summer back at home with families.

Luckily, a friend has now allowed him to stay in their home whilst he finds his feet.

“I was told to go and live in my student house in Bristol, but the tenancy doesn’t start until September. I’m getting myself an education; I’m not a scrounger doing nothing. But if I were, they would have helped. It seems backwards.”

A spokesperson from housing charity, Shelter said: “The council’s negative decision draw in factors such as he has no dependent children or is not deemed ‘vulnerable’. However, the council are legally still obligated to give advice. Our advice would be to look at hostels.”

Whilst Mr Crich says he understands housing is expensive and there may be a lack of funding, he argues that everyone in need should be entitled for support. He is looking into privately renting but is unqualified for housing benefit and limited without a guarantor.

“I just think it’s disgusting I was left to sleep on the street.”

A Nottingham City Council spokesperson said: "The help we are able to offer is set out by Government legislation. This student has been left in an unusual situation and we would advise Jordan to talk to his welfare officer at university who may be able to offer practical advice in this circumstance."

For help and advice on homelessness, please contact Shelter on free on 0808 800 4444 or visit their webpage: england.shelter.org.uk

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