Monday, 7 February 2011

dream a little dream of me

Sooo exams are finally OVER! Had a week casually doing absolutely nothing, and now its back to hard grafting. yay.
Going to a couple of gigs over the next few weeks, NME got rapidly sold out (par) so that is unavailable, however my friends and I are on board for Sleighbells and Kate Nash. very very excited for Sleighbells; a band from America (New York I think) who look like a really thrilling new prospect for 2011. From what ive heard, they seem to be amaaaazing live too. If you like the Yeah  Yeah Yeahs, then I’d really recommend these guys.
More interested than anything else for kate nash. Yeah, her lastest album (my best friend is you) was a bit of a disappointment, but only because her previous album Made Of Bricks was so amazing and relatable, and I think that ‘My Best Friend Is You’ is really under-rated. If you haven’t heard it, but like kate nash, I think you should still listen in but with a bit of a open mind. The little poem thing at the start of ‘mansion song’ is different (good different) so listen out for that, but not in front of your parents.
And if you haven’t heard any of kate nash,  and you knew what was good for you, you would get out your cave and perchase ‘Made Of Bricks’, definitely one of my favourite albums of all time. I appreciate its not for everyone however, her voice is kinda tinny but her lyrics are abosultly genious and they are incredible indie pop songs. If you like Jamie T, maybe Jessie J or arctic monkeys, or (in a sense) Lily Allen, I reckon you’ll like her. Shes helped out of many a teenage angst scenario.
Am also applying for a press pass for KATY PERRY at the capital FM arena!! Her songs are rancid (although good pop songs, if you like that kind of thing) but I have the BIGGEST girl crush on her ever, I love her.

Couple of songs for you to check out too; its been out for a while but I am still in love with this song by Sage Francis. Zane Lowe pushed and pushed it but it didn’t really get anywhere:

James blake:  beautiful falling asleep music: (dreams) 

Black Keys: his voice melts me. So good live too. 

Check them out! XXX